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Configure the Amphitheatre

Configure your local environment or remote Kubernetes cluster

After installing Amphitheatre, you need to initialize some configurations, one of the more important ones being the configuration of credentials.

Create a Secret with push credentials for the Docker Registry that you plan on publishing OCI images to with Builder. Your configuration create should look something like this:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: amp-credentials
  namespace: amp-system
  credentials: |
    name = "Docker Hub"
    default = true
    server = ""
    username = "<username>"
    password = "<password>"
    token = "<token>"

    name = "GitHub"
    driver = "github"
    server = ""
    username = "<username>"
    password = "<password>"
    token = "<token>"

Apply that configuration to the cluster

kubectl apply -n amp-system -f amp-credentials.yaml

You can get the manifests for the example from the GitHub repository, Include some configuration about k8s, and some example manifests.