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Web3 Developer Guide

Introducing how Amphitheatre supports blockchain and Web3 applications

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, developers require flexible and scalable tools to adapt to different blockchain platforms. Amphitheatre focuses on design flexibility, seamlessly accommodating platforms like Ethereum and Solana, providing a common interface for developers to switch freely and leverage the unique features of each blockchain platform, offering greater freedom for developers.

The scalability of Amphitheatre is one of its notable advantages. With new blockchain platforms constantly emerging, Amphitheatre effortlessly integrates with new platforms, providing developers with a platform for continuous innovation. This scalability means that regardless of the blockchain platforms that emerge in the future, Amphitheatre can quickly adapt and provide comprehensive support.

Guided by Amphitheatre, developers can focus more on application innovation and functionality without worrying about specific blockchain platform integration issues. Its philosophy is to provide developers with a seamless, unified development experience, enabling seamless application development in different blockchain environments.

Getting Started →

Learn the basic steps to deploy a Web3 application on Amphitheatre. If you have limited time, just complete the first part of the getting started guide, and you'll have a basic Web3 application running successfully in a short time.

The Basics →

Covers the essential knowledge needed to set up, run, and manage production-grade Web3 applications on Amphitheatre. These documents also address some common issues you may encounter and provide practical guidance on how to resolve them.

Advanced Guides →

These documents cover specific topics relevant to Web3 applications or advanced operations you may need to perform when extending your application. Advanced guides provide deeper technical details to ensure you can fully leverage the powerful features offered by Amphitheatre.

Supported Blockchains →

List the major blockchain platforms supported by Amphitheatre, such as Ethereum, Solana, etc., providing a brief overview of each blockchain platform and the support for their unique features.

Additional resources →

List of links related to learning resources, documentation, example projects, and support documents for blockchain platforms.