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CLI Manual

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Amphitheatre command-line interface provides the following commands:

End-to-end pipelines:

  • amp run - to build & deploy once
  • amp dev - to trigger the watch loop build & deploy workflow with cleanup on exit
  • amp debug - to run a pipeline in debug mode

Pipeline building blocks for CI/CD:

  • amp deploy - to deploy the given image(s)
  • amp clean - to cleanup the deployed artifacts
  • amp render - build and tag images, and output templated Kubernetes manifests

Getting started with a new project:

  • amp init - to bootstrap Amphitheatre config

Other Commands:

Global flags

-v	--verbose           	More output per occurrence
-q	--quiet             	Less output per occurrence
-c	--config            	File for global configurations
	  --interactive       	Allow user prompts for more information
	  --timestamps        	Print timestamps in logs
	  --update-check      	Check for a more recent version of Amphitheatre
	  --verbosity         	Log level: one of [panic fatal error warning info debug trace]

Global environment variables

  • AMP_CONFIG (same as --config)
  • AMP_INTERACTIVE (same as --interactive)
  • AMP_TIMESTAMPS (same as --timestamps)
  • AMP_UPDATE_CHECK (same as --update-check)
  • AMP_VERBOSITY (same as --verbosity)