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Help promote Amphitheatre! If you are not a developer (or even if you are), you can still contribute to the project – a lot – by helping us to promote it. As we are a free and open source project, the community is our most important asset. Here are some ways that you can help the project continue to grow.

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There are many sites where you can vote, recommend, favorite, and star us.

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  • Medium - Give claps to our articles and follow us on Medium.
  • GitHub - Become a stargazer on GitHub.
  • Reddit - Upvote and be a Amphitheatre ambassador by participating in relevant discussions on Reddit.
  • Hacker News - Upvote and be a Lens ambassador by participating in relevant discussions on Hacker News.

Write Blogs or Make Videos About Us

Psst... If you have created some content around Amphitheatre, let us know!