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amp deploy

Deploy pre-built artifacts


amp deploy [options]


    --assume-yes <ASSUME_YES>  If true, amp will skip yes/no confirmation from the user [default: true] [possible values: true, false]
-f, --filename <FILENAME>      Path or URL to the Amphitheatre config file [default: .amp.toml]
    --force                    Recreate Kubernetes resources if necessary for deployment, warning: might cause downtime!
    --iterative-status-check   Run `status-check` iteratively after each deploy step, instead of all-together at the end of all deploys (default)
-p, --profile <PROFILE>        Activate profiles by name (prefixed with `-` to disable a profile) [default: []]
    --skip-render              Don't render the manifests, just deploy them
    --status-check             Wait for deployed resources to stabilize
    --tail                     Stream logs from deployed objects

Use "amp options" for a list of global command-line options (applies to all commands).


Deploy without first rendering the manifests

amp deploy --skip-render

Environment vars

  • AMP_ASSUME_YES (same as --assume-yes)
  • AMP_FILENAME (same as --filename)
  • AMP_FORCE (same as --force)
  • AMP_ITERATIVE_STATUS_CHECK (same as --iterative-status-check)
  • AMP_PROFILE (same as --profile)
  • AMP_SKIP_RENDER (same as --skip-render)
  • AMP_STATUS_CHECK (same as --status-check)
  • AMP_TAIL (same as --tail)